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Your Pet, Your Pill®: How pets lead you to a happy, healthy, and successful life

  • How pets increase your happiness
  • How pets improve your health
  • How pets lead you to success

An iron fist in a velvet glove! – With assertiveness, tact & sensitivity to success

  • What are you really ready to give? Find your path to achieve your goal!
  • What level of effort are you really willing to put in? View obstacles as preparation for the next step!
  • Do you really know what you want? Learn to trust your gut feeling!

Give & take! – Successfully living & working in a global world

  • Be ready to embrace the new culture, language, religion, and way of life in a totally unbiased way
  • Get to know, understand and accept the “social code” – and still stay true to yourself!
  • Enrich your life through intercultural diversity and take advantage of the new opportunities

Women are conquering the world!

  • Believe in yourself and you can conquer the world
  • Live your passion and dream and use your talents to achieve excellence
  • Be a role model and inspire your team
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