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May 29 2011 GULF NEWS

Neutering helps check stray felines

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April 21 2011 The Middle East

Attending to the falcon's every needs

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January 11 2011 The National

300 stray cats to be neutered every day

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December 03 2010 Times of Oman

Falcons ICU

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September 09 2010 Khaleej Times

Abu Dhabi vet discovers new disease in falcons

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June 13 2010 WAM - Emirates News Agency

CNN's report highlights UAE's Falcon Hospital

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December 15 2009 GULF NEWS

Friend of falcon

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November 27 2009 GULF NEWS


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November 04 2009 BeattON

The International Star Award for Quality for Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

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April 11 2009 GULF NEWS

Inside the falcon 'beauty parlour'

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February 12 2009 Abu Dhabi Week


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January 07 2009 Khaleej Times

Devoted to the Cause of Falcons

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