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January 31 2014 Augsburger Allgemeine

Der Scheich und sein Haustier

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June 12 2013 Abu Dhabi Insider

Fixing our feathered friends

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September 19 2012 Abu Dhabi Week

PET RESCUE Animal shelter provides home from home

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May 24 2012 7DAYS

High-flying heritage

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April 24 2012 THE WIP

VIP Falcon Health Care in the United Arab Emirates

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April 12 2012 Concierge


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March 18 2012 Arab Africa

Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi emerging as popular MICE destination

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February 01 2012 Abu Dhabi Week

Waiting in the wings

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October 24 2011 Khaleej Times

Trapping stray animals to be made safer,easier

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October 08 2011 The National

A dog's life has just got a lot better

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October 01 2011 Khaleej Time


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June 11 2011 TimeOut Abu Dhabi

Reigning cats and dogs

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