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October 28 2020 Animal Wellness Magazine

Top 5 ways our pets help us cope

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October 26 2020 Thrive Global

How My Pets Made My Life Successful

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October 22 2020 The Mindful Word

Chase away loneliness: 6 reasons to get a pet to your household

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October 11 2020 Middle East Chandrika

Pet lovers will get successful life. Dr. Margit Muller's book is getting more popularity

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October 09 2020 Literary Titan

What a great book!

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October 02 2020 Thrive Global

I Love You Forever and Ever, Shams, Until We meet Again

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July 11 2020 AbuDhabi World

AbuDhabi World Online

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July 01 2020 The National

Coronavirus:Pandemic prompts rise in adoption of stray animals in AbuDhabi

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June 09 2020 The National

Vets advise residents not to travel with pets in summer

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March 18 2020 Arab Africa

Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi emerging as popular MICE destination

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September 24 2018 Arabian Post

The director of the world’s largest bird of prey hospital opens the casebook on the 10,000 raptors she treats each year

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September 23 2018 Pharmacy Choice

Worried Saudi falcon owners find relief at special Abu Dhabi bird hispital[Arab News(Saudi Arabia)

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