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December 31 2020 Metro

Wellbeing experts share the resolutions that could change your life for the better

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December 30 2020 The Coffee Break

Happy Hacks – How to Have a Happy 2021

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December 22 2020 The Bark

Have a dog-safe holiday

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December 14 2020 Dog Living Magazine

3 tips to keep your pooch safe this Christmas!

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December 11 2020 Practical Reptile Keeping, Issue 131

Ten benefits of keeping reptiles, in terms of our wellbeing

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December 08 2020 The Daily Telegraph

The highs and lows of getting a pandemic pet

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December 07 2020 The Telegraph Online

I thought dogs were slobbery and smelly - until ours brought happiness into our Covid-cramped lives

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November 28 2020 DIVA Aktuality SK

6 reasons to have your pet - and it's not just that they're adorable!

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November 22 2020 NPR

Pandemic Pet Therapy: What's So Special About A Critter Friend?

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November 20 2020 The Eden Magazine

I Love You Forever and Ever, Shams, Until We Meet Again

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November 19 2020 BBC Radio London

The Barking Hour with Jo Good and Co-host Anna Webb

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November 17 2020 Healthista

Can our pets reduce stress? 12 ways your pet is boosting your wellbeing

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