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January 28 2021 Influential Magazine

Lifelong bond: How daily walks can help you and your pooch bond

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January 27 2021 Your Cat Magazine

Your Pet, Your Pill review

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Want to feel better? Cuddle your pet

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10 truths about dog walking

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7 unusual wellness tips

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How to be happy this January - Part 3

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Pets on prescription

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January 11 2021 The Irish Sun

Why pets are good for physical, emotional and mental health - and especially during Covid-19 lockdowns

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January 11 2021 Your Dog Magazine


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January 09 2021 The Lady

7 reasons you should walk your dog more (for him and you!)

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January 01 2021 Top Santé

How to be happy this January - Part 1

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December 31 2020 Metro

Wellbeing experts share the resolutions that could change your life for the better

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