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Looking for an experienced life coach because you:

Certified Coach

  • Feel lost?
  • Feel like you are on a never-ending treadmill?
  • Want to improve your happiness, health, and success?
  • Feel you are only catering to others expectations but not your own?
  • Feel that life has more to offer you than it currently does?
  • Feel that your temporary gratification does not make you happy anymore?
Coach margit

Dr. Margit believes that a lot of our problems have solutions deep within us but sometimes we fail to get them out or listen to our inner voice. In her opinion the unconditional love, inner cleanliness, profound transparency, and incredible joy of being present in the moment are the foundation for our happy lives and our good relationship with others.

Pets can heal us so deeply that they are our best medicines for love, for laughter, for happiness, for joy, for health, and for success. As a life coach and veterinarian, she brings the best of both worlds together to help you to live a happy and meaningful life.