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Looking for an experienced mental health coach because you ask yourself

Certified Coach✔ Why me?

✔ Why do I feel rage, anger, and resentment?

✔ Why do I have low self-esteem & self-trust?

✔ Why am I stuck in the same old patterns?

✔ Why do I feel lonely and have difficulties to connect?

✔ Why do I feel anxiety, despair, and depression?


Coach margit

As Certified Master Life Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation ICF, Master Life Coach, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Dr. Margit believes that a lot of our problems have solutions deep within us but sometimes we fail to get them out or listen to our inner voice. In her opinion the unconditional love, inner cleanliness, profound transparency, and incredible joy of being present in the moment are the foundation for our happy lives and our good relationship with others.

Therefore, she has created “Making Peace With Your Past in 3 Months”. It is a comprehensive online training course to heal past trauma and release their burdens for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who are adult children of mentally ill parents. This step-by-step course is designed to help you make peace with your past and move on from suffering childhood parental mental illness trauma to processing it as an adult and creating resilience, empowerment, and happiness.

Whether you have started working on your trauma or you have not had the courage to dive deeper into it, “Making Peace With Your Past” will help you to release deep-rooted trauma and burdens and empower you. The course includes 3 months of weekly online classes, access to a private community group, and downloadable resources. You will also have the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions with the instructor Dr Margit.

If you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey, then join us for “Making Peace With Your Past”.