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Previous Books


Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry & Medicine Hardcover

Falcon medicine exists for centuries, but in the past 10-15 years tremendous progress and new development of diseases and treatment methods have been made. It has always been a challenge to treat these beautiful birds of prey and the challenge continues until now. Falcons, falconry and falcon medicine are important in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates which can be regarded as the cradle of modern falcon medicine in the 21st century.

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Customer Reviews
  • ASA

    This book is the best of the best in falcon medicine. Many other avian books are very theoretical and it is difficult to use this knowledge in practice. But this book is different: It is so easy to use in daily life. Very practical oriented, it provides great tips and tricks that make life for falconers and vets much easier. I have treated several of my falcons now with the help of this book and I must really say IT WORKS! Even my vet is so happy that he bought it for himself and uses it now. If you work with falcons, this book is the ultimate must have. It is definitely the best book on falcon medicine on the market.

  • Beatriz Diaz Queiro

    Until now, the best book of falconry veterinary! Anyone who loves theses birds, need one. Excellent reading and great figures.

  • Eagleman

    I have not read all of this book yet as I bought this book when my eagle was sick. The book is easy to read and understand unlike some veterinary books I have read. I would recommend this book ahead of others although it is not cheap it could help save you money in the long run and could also help when talking to your vet.

  • Dr. Werner Sükar

    A big HURRAY that a really sensible scientific book on falcon medicine has finally been published, and by a highly esteemed and extremely competent author. FALCONERS HEAL!

  • jefferson

    It’s a must for falconers, avian vets that deals with falcons and bird rehabilitators. The huge experience of the author that directs the biggest falcon hospital in the world is impressive. I really suggest this book to interested people


Modern Veterinary Practice Management

The classical veterinary education revolves around the anatomy, physiology, diseases and their treatment of the bovine, avian, equine, swine species and the assorted small animals. This book discusses the reasoning of both the veterinary profession in its medical care, innovation and scientific logic and also the tools and laws of the business world which cannot be ignored, if a veterinary practice shall survive. It is the reasonable synthesis of both, which eventually leads to profound business success and a medical reputation of excellence.

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