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Thank you for your passion and dedication on spreading your knowledge and skills.

Keith Duncan

Texas, USA

Thank you for your insight and inspiration! 

Michael J. Kelley,

USAFA Falconry Team, USA

Wow, you are a Super Power Woman. It’s fabulous what you are doing here. Hats off.

Belinda Berus,

Dinslaken, Germany

Dr. Müller, thank you very much indeed for this fantastic experience. Such a dedication is an example to follow.

Canal 13, Buenos Aires,


Dear Mrs. Dr. Müller, Sooo! Impressive! Your tour has exceeded all our expectations! Wanna bet, that...! 

Frank Elstner with Family,


Many thanks for the information. Much better than TV, Dr. Muller is fantastic! 

Peter Grotke, Korbach, Denise Bradtke,

Fuldabrück, Germany

Dear Mrs. Dr. Muller, Gratulations to such a fabulous  performance.

Fam. Rodel,

Ulm, Germany

One Word – Amazing. This program brings tears to my eyes. Dr. Müller is a brilliant person and beautiful like a movie star.

Kathy Smith, Chicago,


Dear Mrs. Dr. Muller, You have deeply impressed me with what you have built and what you are doing here.

Christina Hüfner,


Thank you for the fascinating insight into the world of falcons. With her enthusiasm and sparkling energy, Mrs. Dr. Muller made this visit an unforgettable experience!! 

Liane Held,


A great hospital with a great boss.

Dr. Karl Eckart,

President Bavarian State Veterinary Association, Munich, Germany

An exceptional tour by an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary profession! 

Reinhardt Preußing,