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Thank you for your passion and dedication on spreading your knowledge and skills.

Keith Duncan

Texas, USA

Thank you for your insight and inspiration! 

Michael J. Kelley,

USAFA Falconry Team, USA

Wow, you are a Super Power Woman. It’s fabulous what you are doing here. Hats off.

Belinda Berus,

Dinslaken, Germany

Dr. Müller, thank you very much indeed for this fantastic experience. Such a dedication is an example to follow.

Canal 13, Buenos Aires,


Dear Mrs. Dr. Müller, Sooo! Impressive! Your tour has exceeded all our expectations! Wanna bet, that...! 

Frank Elstner with Family,


Many thanks for the information. Much better than TV, Dr. Muller is fantastic! 

Peter Grotke, Korbach, Denise Bradtke,

Fuldabrück, Germany

Dear Mrs. Dr. Muller, Gratulations to such a fabulous  performance.

Fam. Rodel,

Ulm, Germany

One Word – Amazing. This program brings tears to my eyes. Dr. Müller is a brilliant person and beautiful like a movie star.

Kathy Smith, Chicago,


Dear Mrs. Dr. Muller, You have deeply impressed me with what you have built and what you are doing here.

Christina Hüfner,


Thank you for the fascinating insight into the world of falcons. With her enthusiasm and sparkling energy, Mrs. Dr. Muller made this visit an unforgettable experience!! 

Liane Held,


A great hospital with a great boss.

Dr. Karl Eckart,

President Bavarian State Veterinary Association, Munich, Germany

An exceptional tour by an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary profession! 

Reinhardt Preußing,


“For the longest time, I couldn’t define happiness in my life.  I have searched in different angles on how and what will make me happy. Until I had my first coaching session with Dr. Margit. It was like a divine intervention happened that enlightened my anxious mind of all the blessings that I should be grateful for. Can’t thanks Dr. Margit enough for being my life coach that has given a great impact on my life. I admire her unique and amazing way of connecting with my inner me😊. She is a great listener, empathetic and the best life coach I have ever met with.  She made me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, the ‘rainbow after the rain’ and the ‘silver lining in every cloud’ --- that made me inspired and more motivated to go on my journey with a smile in my heart😊. “



Dr Muller is a superb coach— she’s like a lighthouse that makes you feel safe and helps you with navigation as you chart your path.



Dear Dr Margit

From the very first interaction with you till the last lesson of your coaching my mentality changed so positively that I can’t express it in words. The fusion of real example and endless possibilities that you show is simply marvelous. You are brilliant.

Thank you for being my coach and mentor.



I was at a difficult stage in my life and needed some professional help to guide me. I was so lucky to find Dr. Margit to help me through my problems. She is a fantastic coach who found the root cause of my problems and guided me gently to find a new path. I’m so much happier and content now as I have embarked on a new future. I’m so grateful to Dr. Margit who made all of this possible as she opened the doors to a new life for me. I couldn’t have found a better and more professional coach than her.



Dr. Margit is an amazing life coach. My session with her was a life changing experience. Her versatile techniques allow me to see my strength and gain clarity in understanding myself. Her support gave me the courage to push forward.



Margit is a delightful Life and Mental Health Coach. I absolutely love her incredible intuitive coaching style! I also thoroughly enjoy Margit’s enthusiastic and approachable personality. She is empathetic and supportive! I highly recommend her coaching services as she has helped me navigate multiple struggles in my life, and has seamlessly guided me toward positive solutions.  Thank you Margit for helping me live my very best life!



I was at a place in my life where I was feeling very stuck. It seemed like there was no way forward. I booked a session with Margit in hopes that I could find a solution. I felt a little nervous starting the session, and felt like it would be difficult. Margit was so present And there was something about the sound of her voice that just guided me past the point where I was stuck. I revisited a Past memory that was  keeping me from moving forward. She helped me to witness and acknowledge what was going on inside me, so that I could get the healing that I needed. From there I was suddenly unstuck and had a clear path forward. I am extremely grateful to have found her.