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Meet Dr. Margit

The passionate animal lover Dr Margit Gabriele Muller has overcome many obstacles, problems, and hindrances to become an outstanding veterinary professional, businesswoman, author, speaker and life coach. Her difficult early childhood experiences as daughter of a mentally ill mother has shaped her deep intuition, extraordinary resilience, and profound knowledge that animals can help us with their unconditional love to emerge from our darkest times to greatest happiness and success.  Dr. Margit shares her extensive experience as veterinarian, author, speaker, and Mental Health Coach, Professional Certified Coach and Master Life Coach to improve lives of animals and human alike.

margit muller

My positive experiences with animals have created a deep relationship and gratitude and this is my motivation to pursue uncompromising goals and to fully commit myself to them. Life is about something bigger than yourself. Flexibility, curiosity, respect, discipline and consistency, leadership and assertiveness are the key. Hereby animals help to achieve a happier and more fulfilled and enriched life that brings us joy, love, and harmony.

Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller

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